Episode 005: "Body Back" Bullsh*t

Hi! Welcome to the Beyond the Birth Podcast.

Your goals for your body are yours alone. We (Jenny and Liz) do not want to tell you what to do with your body or what your goals should be; that’s for you to discover and work through as your life changes. But we do want you to know that we celebrate the way your body looks right now,the amazing things it has done, and will do. We want you to be healthy, strong, informed, and proud.

Free Resource: Nourishing Foods for Postpartum


6:00 … Liz’s version of a high fat/protein coffee.

11:00 … Just why the goal of getting your pre-baby “body back” is in fact bullshit.

17:50 … How did your body change during pregnancy and birth top to bottom?

25:15 … Women who have experienced loss are still postpartum.

28:00 … Celebrating new mom’s body.

29:46 … Realistic recovery rates for mom is not 6 weeks, this was a major event for the body.

31:48 … Returning to a feeling of self.

35:00 … Ideal recovery plan or body composition change plan for most moms.

44:18 … Cultivating a strong, positive, diverse social media feed and social circle.

47:50 … How we speak to others and ourselves.

52:11 … Society gives bad advice.

57:10 … Postpartum is an opportunity to start with a (somewhat) clean slate. How do I want to show up in this body?

Move with the body you have today.

Find a local BIRTHFIT RD/Professional/Coach

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Hosted by: Liz Winters & Jenny Anderson

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