Sprout Foundations


I am super pumped to start teaching my new Sprout Foundations class. I've been working really hard on the curriculum to make sure YOU get the most out of this course. This class is a great introduction to nutritional therapy and helps you build a better understanding of the impact of how you fuel your body. Best of all you get to do an n=1 experiment to better understand what YOU need to feel your best.

Want to know more? I bet you do... keep reading...

So...what is Sprout Foundations?

It is a 6-week group nutrition class that introduces the foundations of health, and provides a safe environment for you to make positive lifestyle changes.
Think of it like a small group fitness class, but instead of high-fiving about burpees, we high-five about food (we'll probably still high-five about burpees). You get the benefit of working closely with a nutritionist (hi!) within a supportive small group. 

What are these "foundations" you speak of... 

As a nutritional therapist, I believe that optimal health is built on the foundations of good digestion, mineral balance, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, hydration and of course a properly prepared nutrient-dense diet! Movement, mindfulness and sleep are also key factors for good health. 

During the course of the class, you'll learn more about each of these topics and learn how to build a stronger foundation for good health. 

What can I expect each class to be like?

We'll meet once per week for approximately an hour. Each class meeting will focus on a topic for the week (ie. digestion). I'll share some sweet knowledge, we'll do a brief activity, and I'll answer any questions. We'll also have plenty of time for group discussion: what is going well, what are you struggling with, tips/tricks for success etc. You'll leave each class with homework and "food for thought" as you approach the upcoming week. 

What's a "Real Food Challenge"

The Real Food Challenge covers the foundation of nutrient-dense diet.

I call it a Real Food Challenge because 1. I hate the word detox. 2. I think the word 'diet' gets misconstrued. 3. It is exactly what it sounds like: a challenge to only eat Real Food.

For some of you this challenge may look like a complete diet overhaul, for others it may just be a tweak here and there. 

For four weeks we will be eliminating foods associated with inflammation, poor digestion and that may be negatively impacting your energy including: processed foods, alcohol, sugars, grains, legumes and dairy.  
If that sounds too scary or like too much too fast, don't stress! We have modifications for the challenge that will meet your where you are at and will set you up for success.  

Wait. What do I eat?

You will get a list of foods to keep and to avoid! But in general you'll be eating plenty of veggies, meat, starches (mmm potatoes!), some fruit, nuts and seeds. Depending on your goals, you may also be adding some non-gluten containing grains, like rice, and some fermented dairy (yogurt!)

Will you plan my meals?

Nope, sorry! But I will send you resources, recipes and as a group we will share lots of meal ideas, so you'll always have an idea of what to eat for dinner. 

Do I have to buy shakes or powders or supplements or special containers, or...?

Heck to the no. No shakes. No portioning containers. No gimmicks here.   

Will I lose weight? Is this a weight-loss program?

It depends entirely on your goals! Weight loss is definitely possible and we can tailor the challenge for you that if that is one of your goals. 

I don't refer to this as a weight-loss program, because that is not the end-all goal of this program.  

What if I don't want to lose weight? 

That's fine too! Again, we will customize the program to meet your goals! The Real Food Challenge constraints can easily be adjusted to help you gain or just maintain your current weight. 

What about when the challenge is over... what next?

We'll go over strategies to navigate the real world (hello tacos and tequila) and help you decide what your game plan is moving forward. You may decide the real food challenge wasn't so challenging after all and may continue that way of eating afterwards. Or you may decide that you want to reintroduce certain foods. Both options are fine and together we'll find an option that works for you.

The goal for this program is to teach you how to fuel YOUR body best. What works for my body, may not work for you. This is your opportunity for self-discovery!  

Still have questions?! Ask in the comments below!