What you need to know about charcoal!

What you need to know about charcoal!

Charcoal is all the rage. It's like the new Kale. Or aloe. Or whatever is cool by the time you read this.

It's seems like it's being added to everything: Charcoal water, charcoal filters, charcoal masks, charcoal soap, charcoal toothpaste, etc. etc. etc.

As I write this, I'm currently sipping a Charcoal Detox Lemonade at Tea Bar. Part of me hates myself for succumbing to this marketing ploy. But TBH it's real tasty. 

Anyway, I figure at this rate everyone must have black stained sinks, mugs, clothes and kitchens, right?

So what's the deal with this stuff? WHY is it everywhere? WHAT is it doing? Is it actually doing anything?  Is it good for me? How should I use it?