I Spent the Weekend with the BIRTHFIT Tribe: Here’s What Happened

I Spent the Weekend with the BIRTHFIT Tribe: Here’s What Happened...

I spent two full days with the BIRTHFIT tribe in Seattle, WA for the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar. Each day we spent 10 hours learning exactly what it means to be BIRTHFIT and how to integrate the four pillars into our work as coaches. To say we covered a lot is an understatement!

Not only did we cover the four pillars of nutrition, fitness, chiropractic, and mindset we dove deep into ourselves and explored the value of self-love, self-acceptance and connection with our community. We walked in on Saturday morning as complete strangers, but left on Sunday afternoon with hugs and happy tears! It is truly amazing  how quickly the women of BIRTHFIT helped to create that connection and community.

These are a few things that you can expect from a BIRTHFIT Coaching Seminar:

  • A lot of discussion around BREATHING and how to integrate conscious breath into every aspect of life...seriously. It is so important to properly breath everyday in every way! The BIRTHFIT team is here to help guide you through that.

  • Connecting with your core through your breath (of course!) to create stability with intra abdominal pressure (IAP) which is so much harder than it sounds!

  • Moving through the signature Functional Progression movements A LOT! These are the foundation of the BIRTHFIT Fitness pillar.

  • Connection, connection, connection not only with others in your community but also with yourself.

Of course we covered SO much more within the 20 total hours of the seminar, but this is just a sprinkling of what you will get! I can’t emphasize enough the value of what I took away from this seminar. Shifting my own mindset and connecting to myself and my community has only helped to strengthen my passion as a coach! I’m so excited to implement the tools I learned at the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar with clients and in my own life.

I want to thank Jess Brown of BIRTHFIT Logan, Laura Mattison of BIRTHIFT Atlanta, and Melissa Hemphill the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar Director for facilitating an amazing weekend full of love and learning! If you have a chance to take a class from any of these women (or perhaps a BIRTHFIT coaching seminar??) I highly, highly recommend it!


You can get involved with BIRTHFIT coaches, professionals and programs in your own community by connecting with a Regional Director. Liz Winters is the current Regional Director for BIRTHFIT Northeast Portland. Check out what’s happening with BIRTHFIT in Portland on our website.
The BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar is not a certification course, but should be considered continuing education and an introduction to the intricacies of working with prenatal and postpartum clients within the confines of your own coaching or professional practice.