Meet our Interns!

The Sprout Wellness team is growing and I couldn't be more thrilled!

We have partnered with the lovely folks over at National University of Natural Medicine as an internship site for their Masters in Clinical Nutrition students. This year we have two incredible women, passionate about women's health and all that we do here at Sprout, working behind the scenes. They'll be contributing to our blog, helping run events in Portland, and assisting in the relaunch and full development of Prenatal Power!  

It's always nice to have meet the face behind the name so we've dedicated this post to getting to know our interns, beyond their mutual love of coffee and kale. 

Meet Christine Miller! 


Christine hails from Uxbridge, MA and moved out to the beautiful Northwest to continue her studies in health & nutrition. 

She loves strength training and if she has a barbell in hand-- she's a happy lady. (PREACH!) She also loves to hike and practice yoga.

Her favorite comfort food is a bacon bleu cheese burger and Dick's Kitchen is her favorite burger place in Portland. (If you haven't checked out Dick's Kitchen, do it. It's a great place to take people with all sorts of food preferences and allergies!)

She loves her coffee blended with collagen peptides, coconut cream and cinnamon (no this is not the only reason she got this job 😂)

And just FYI, she'll take dark chocolate over milk chocolate any day. 

I'm so excited Christine is part of our team. Her enthusiasm and passion for women's health is palpable in all that she does! 


Meet Nicole Lamb! 


Nicole is from Rancho Cucamonga, CA and is currently finishing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition at NUNM. A few fun facts about her...
Her favorite comfort food is garlic pasta! Mmmm.

She loves hiking and moving outdoors. (Sounds like Portland is the perfect city for her!)

She prefers her coffee black or with coconut butter (WHAT?! AMAZING! Have you tried this?!)

As for chocolate? The darker the better. 
And don't worry, Nicole assures us that her preference for bitter chocolate and coffee doesn't translate to her personality. 😂😂😂 

Pretty amazing crew, right?! Keep your eye out for some really amazing blog series coming out or come say hi in person at one of our upcoming BIRTHFIT NE Portland events!