5 Ways I’m Reducing Waste: Starting with my Lunchbox!

5 Ways I’m Reducing Waste: Starting with my Lunchbox!

For 2018, my house decided we were going to make a conscious effort to reduce our waste. We started with just taking reusable coffee cups with us. No coffee cup? No coffee to go. Wah wah. We noticed how much money we were saving and it really struck us how much waste this not even daily habit was creating.

So we started looking other areas of our life and started with my lunchbox. I try to pack my lunch more often than not, to save money (that Whole Foods hot bar gets spendy) and now to save waste.

Here are the five things that have been most helpful in saving a little money and reducing a lot of waste!

  1. Reusable Straws
    I feel like we've all seen the tragic sea turtle and straw video by now... Lots of coffeeshops are now offering compostable straws or forgoing straws all together! If you still find yourself with straw-worthy beverages, I highly recommend snagging a pack of stainless steel or silicone straws! We even found a pack perfect for our toddler

  2. Silicone Bags 
    Ditch the ziplocks! I am loving reusable silicone bags for marinating, storing food or packing lunch! They are also dishwasher safe. Wahooo. Stasher bags are a super popular brand and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

  3. Bamboo Utensils
    So it'd be best if I just packed real silverware... but sometimes (more often than not) I forget orrrr I leave our silverware random places. So I keep a pack of these disposable bamboo forks in our car for the impromptu picnic and as an easy way to forgo the provided plastic fork. 

  4. Cloth Napkins
    Say buhbye to paper napkins and pack your own cloth napkins. Find some in a funky fun print to jazz up your lunch box or dinner table. Target and Ikea are great places to snag some for minimal cost. Or if you're crafty, you can even sew your own... 

  5. Reusable Drink Containers

    IE a sweet water bottle and coffee cup. This is a two-fer because I feel like the intent behind them is the same. If you're an iced coffee drinker, like me, think for a minute about how much plastic waste that grande cold-brew is making! Find a travel coffee cup you love and hand that to your barista instead. Many places will reward you with a cup discount too. Baller. Carrying a water bottle is also a surefire way to stay hydrated through the day! 
    My favorite coffee cup is this Klean Kanteen with the LEAK PROOF cafe top
    My water bottle of choice is this Hydroflask insulated bottle with the sport cap

Honorable mention! Mason Jars. The original “Tupperware.” It’s inexpensive and plastic free! They make great food containers or as my morning bootcamp class can attest to— I use them frequently for my morning coffee…

How are you reducing waste when packing lunch? Share your ideas!