5 Products You Need in Your Summer Gym Bag!

There is nothing better than a super challenging, yet fun, workout that leaves a satisfying sweat angel on the ground. High-five, you worked hard! On the flip side, there is nothing worse than bringing evidence of that tough workout to the office. 

With the heat of summer and the less than forgiving lack of AC in Portland, a quick lunchtime workout can turn into a sweaty mess real fast. Ya know? Even those of us that choose an early morning workout may sweat a little more than we bargained for, but still have to to run straight to work afterwards.

I've been taking my show on the road these days, sneaking a quick workout in when I can, and then freshening up as quickly as possible before my next meeting. Showers immediately post workout are RARELY an option. But rather than show-up at my next meeting a hot mess, I've stocked my gym bag with five essentials to help me refresh quickly and easily. 

With the summer months almost upon us (and sweatier workouts waiting), now is as great time to refresh your gym bag with these five non-toxic essentials.   


Primally Pure Texturizing Dry Shampoo

Available in both light and dark hair varieties, this powdered dry shampoo is the perfect volumizing refresh for sweaty locks. Apply to roots BEFORE your workout and the kaolin clay will absorb sweat and moisture and kill odor causing bacteria, leaving your hair drier and texturized. After your workout, add a touch more to the roots, tousle your hair and you are set! The powder is a blend of kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, cocoa powder and essential oils. It's safe for your skin and the environment!  


Primally Pure Everything Spray 

This spray really is EVERYTHING. Use it as a toner after cleansing, to prevent in-grown hairs after shaving or spritz in the armpits as a post workout refresher! It contains a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar which kills bacteria. Don't worry the ACV smell dissipates after a couple minutes and your left with a subtle lavender scent. 




Sweatproof Mineral Based Sunscreen 

There is nothing worse than a surprise sunburn or getting sweat and sunscreen in your eyes. Gross. If you're workout takes you outside, which sounds like the perfect plan to me, apply some sunscreen before you hit the pavement! But remember, not all sunscreens are created equal. Opt for a mineral based sunscreen with either non-nano zinc oxide or titanium dioxide; your body and the planet will thank you. Don't want to look like a zinc ghost? Check out these super emollient zinc based sunscreens from Beautycounter.  

Beautycounter Make-Up Remover Wipes 

No time to shower? Me either. That's why I love these compostable make-up remover wipes from Beautycounter. The cloths are textured and capture dirt, grime, sweat, and makeup in one fell swoop. Free from fragrance, oil, and parabens, these are great for those with sensitive skin and work well as quick rinse for the whole bod. The cloths are large, so recommend tearing them in half to make the pack last longer!


Praise the powers that be, a safe, aluminum and fragrance free deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS. Conventional deodorants contain heavy metals like aluminum, fragrance, and other problematic ingredients.  I have tried seemingly every iteration of natural deodorants and Primally Pure is the only brand that didn't give me a pit rash, actually absorbed/controlled perspiration, and didn't make me smell awful. It's made with kaolin clay (which has detoxifying properties) and non-nano zinc oxide which can soothe irritation and combat odor!