Sweet Potato Toast

Sometimes mom life means you have five minutes to make and eat breakfast— there’s often no time to think about whole-food or paleo inspiration. The relationship with food completely transforms in parenting— quick and simple, trump delicious and superfood.

Until of course, I found started prepping these mini sweet potato toasts. They make quick breakfast a whole food reality without a whole lot of fuss.

You can make a big batch of these on the weekend and store them in an airtight container and eat throughout the week (cold or reheated). My favorite topping combinations are listed below!


Sweet Potato Toasts

Bake a big batch of these and eat through thr whole week! We keep various toppings prepped in the fridge for easy assembly on busy mornings.

Makes: 18 Toasts

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Prep time:

Cook time:

  • 3 large sweet potatoes
  • Optional Toppings:
  • almond butter and jam
  • diced cooked bacon and avocado wedge
  • basil, mozerella, and cherry tomato
  • proscuitto and greens
  • soft-boiled egg and greens
  • Instructions:
    1. Preheat oven to 400F
    2. Slice sweet potatoes lengthwise into 1/4" thick slices. If you want mini toasts, cut in half.
    3. Place a wire rack on a rimmed baking sheet. Place sweet potatoes in a single layer on wire rack.
    4. Roast for 35-40 minutes, until potatoes are fork tender.
    5. Remove from oven, allow to cool slightly, then top with favorite toppings.
    6. To prep for rest of week, store cooked potatoe toasts (untopped) in an air tight container in the fridge. Reheat in microwave for 30secs with damp papertowel or in 300F oven for 10 minutes. Top away!