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Fermented Ginger Orange Carrots

Fermented Ginger Orange Carrots

My Imperfect Produce delivery has been FULL of carrots lately, so I whipped up another of my favorite ferments: Ginger Orange Carrots!

Fermented carrots are super tasty, packing a nice salty crunch. (Totally toddler approved too) This a quick and pretty forgiving ferment, so if you're new to home fermenting-- start here!

Also! If you haven't you tried Imperfect Produce and want $10 off your first delivery-- go check them out here!

Broth Broth: Simple Recipe, Complex Flavor

Broth Broth: Simple Recipe, Complex Flavor

Bone broth is incredibly simple to make and has amazing health benefits. If you follow me on Facebook, you got to bear witness to my delightfully awkward, yet hopefully entertaining and informative live video of making bone broth last month. 

What I realized I didn't cover was where you actually find bones for bone broth. Living in my nutrition bubble, I forget that not everyone has a cow in their freezer. WEIRD, I KNOW RIGHT. 

Read on for my favorite places to ingredients and an autumn inspired bone broth recipe. 

Let's Talk About Guts!

We are getting in the October/Halloweeny spirit over here at Sprout, so this month we'll be focusing on all things GUTS. Your gut health, specifically!

Get ready to learn about digestion! simple heartburn remedies! happy foods for a happy gut! And more!

We are also hosting TWO different fermentation workshops in Portland, OR this month.  

Spoiler Alert: Fermented foods= very happy guts!