honest training

It's Just Offal

Today, I had the joy of participating in one of Honest Training's quarterly Honest Talks!

Honest Talks are sessions mixed with a variety of nutritional lectures, cooking demos, and tips and tricks for improving your overall health and athletic performance. It's so awesome to learn from other fitness and nutrition professionals and to share our unique perspectives on building a healthy lifestyle! 

Paisley Meekin, Owner of Honest Training, shared all the knowledge on knee pain, the importance of mobility and simple ways to strengthen your core (which will help your knees-- who knew!).  Alex McMahon of Evolve Nutritional Therapy, gave a great overview on different nutrition approaches for endurance and power athletes.  Dr. Rachel Sterry led us through a fabulous stress reduction exercise and helped us set goals to reduce stress in our own lives.

And finally, I shared why eating offal is SO important for our overall health and provided five easy ways to incorporate offal into the diet. My favorite technique for incorporating offal is to HIDE IT! Meatballs, stews, hamburgers-- anything with big hearty flavor--- masks the earthy taste.  Check out my sweet infographic below for more tips!