Weekly Workouts: 15 Weeks Pregnant

That second trimester energy burst is here and I couldn't be more thrilled to greet it with open arms. The ability to stay up past 8:30pm is just dreamy. 

My schedule is still pretty hectic, so while I'm not traveling much, I'm still struggling to find places to ease up. It's tough, ya know? I get stressed about being stressed and then stressed about that. SO FREAKING RIDICULOUS. 

But when I manage to make time to move each day, I sleep better, I eat better and I feel better. It's a win-win-win-win-win... 

Thing I've discovered about myself this week: I hate salad. 

Okay, somewhat of a false statement. But I hate boring salads. My husband can sit down to a giant bowl of baby spinach, splash some Primal Kitchens Ranch on it and he's a happy camper. That makes me want to vomit and die a little inside. 

So I'm on the hunt for really yummy salad dressings and favorite toppings, because that seems to make all the difference. I'm attempting to eat all the veggies, because you know... growing a tiny human and it matters. 

Anyway! Here's what my workouts looked like this week:


CrossFit Class at Intrepid Athletics. Really feeling yesterday's 10 mile bike ride (translation: my ass is broken). 

Skill Work

Back Squat 3X5
FNP #1 X10
FNP #2 X 10 (Left)
FNP #3 X 10
FNP #2 X10 (Right)
FNP #3 X10

For Time

1KM Air Assault Bike
30 Low-Bar Push-ups
60 Single Arm OH Walking Lunges, (other arm holds another KB in front rack position. 
1KM Row 


Rest Day 


CrossFit Class at Intrepid Athletics

Alternating EMOM 27
5 Deadlifts
5 Bench Press
5 Front Squats

Accessory Work
Functional Progressions 1-4 X10 


Mobility work and rolling
Functional Progression Flow

12 Mile bike bide with my cute little Edith attached and a load of fitness sausages. 



Rest Day


Family Hike at Powell Butte! 


Rest Day