Weekly Workouts: 16 Weeks Pregnant

This week was a good lesson in listening to my body. It's the double edge sword of second trimester energy-- you feel great, but it's easy to go too hard. I pushed too hard during my workout Tuesday and spent the rest of the day feeling like crap, rather than feeling energized and awesome. 

A good rule of thumb when pregnant and working out is to check in with your rate of exertion often by saying a complete sentence out loud in one breath. If you're working with a coach or trainer, loop them in and ask them to ask you a question a few times throughout your workout. If you're flying solo and can't think of a sentence try saying "Old McDonald had a farm." Bonus points if you get the EIEIO in there. 

If you can't get the whole sentence out that's your cue to slow down or take a rest. Remember your training for BIRTH right now, not racing the times on the board (LIZ GET IT TOGETHER). 

Here's what my workouts looked like this week:


4 Mile bike adventure and lots of gardening with the little today. I am loving this sunny weather and all the outside time! 


Warm-Up/Accessory Work:

Functional Progressions
FNP 1 x20
FNP 2 x20
FNP 3 X20

Shinbox flow to stand x 12


40 Thrusters, 33# 
40 Calorie Row
Rest 3 Minutes


CrossFit Class at Intrepid Athletics

Accessory Work:

Functional Progressions
FNP 1 x20
FNP 2 x20
FNP 3 X20
FNP 4 High Bear to Squat to Stand X 10

Skill Work

5x3 Tempo Deadlifts (5111)


AMRAP 9 Minutes

  • 10 Kettlebell Hang Cleans
  • 10 Calorie Row
  • 10 FNP #1 

Finished 5 rounds plus 1 clean. Swapped out hang power cleans for kb cleans and sit-ups for FNP #1. 


Functional Progression Flow

90minute walk with Edith.
These walks are becoming my favorite way to spend my afternoon. We both get outside and explore our neighborhood and take a break from the distractions of home and work. 


Rest Day/Travel Day


Leisurely walk through adorable downtown Albany with my brother and his wife (who is also pregnant! Yay!). We strolled to the farmers market, through downtown and took a few spins on the carousel. 



Spent a couple early morning hours in the garden. Weeding, planting new starts, and generally enjoying the morning sunshine (and my coffee).