Weekly Workouts: 17 Weeks Pregnant

My last travel week!!!!!! NO MORE AIRPLANES EVER AGAIN. 

This week I went to the BIRTHFIT summit in Austin. This was the culmination of my Regional Director training and now I get to spread my little baby RD wings and fly! 

I'll be doing an entire post dedicated to my reflection on this summit, but damn it was absolutely amazing. To share space with such passionate and compassionate humans committed to bettering the motherhood transition for all parents was... I have no words. Shocking I know. 

Stay tuned for that upcoming post.

Here's what my workouts looked like this week:


Warm-Up/Accessory Work:

Functional Progression Flow
Mobility and rolling
Good Morning x 20
Pass Throughs X 10

Alternating EMOM x16
30 Squats
15 Elevated Push-Ups
10 Ring Rows

This was the most horizontal I've attempted on my ring rows this pregnancy. It was tough, but the challenge felt really good. 


Warm-Up/Accessory Work:

Functional Progression 1-3 X20
Functional Progression 4 X10

4x3 Each Side
Kettlebell Single Leg RDL


21 KB Hang Cleans
21 Elevated Push-Ups
0.7 Bike Sprint
15 KB Hang Cleans
15 Elevated Push-Ups
0.7 Bike Sprint
9 KB Hang Cleans
9 Elevated Push-Ups
0.7 Bike Sprint


Rest day/Travel day! 


Full day of summit training with lots of walking around Austin. I ended my day with an hour long walk through Austin. 


90 Minute Yoga Tune Up Mobility class with Jill Miller. Go check out her stuff! 


Crossfit Class at Karhu Strength in Austin

Dumbbell DT

Bike 2 Minutes
15 Double Dumbbell Deadlift
15 Double Dumbbell Hang Clean
15 Double Dumbbell Push Press
Bike 2 Minutes
12 Double Dumbbell Deadlift
12 Double Dumbbell Hang Clean
12 Double Dumbbell Push Press
Bike 2 Minutes
9 Double Dumbbell Deadlift
9 Double Dumbbell Hang Clean
9 Double Dumbbell Push Press


Home from Austin! Taking it easy with a berry picking adventure with the family. Picking strawberries is basically like doing a million max squat holds. 

And then... I chopped off my foot. 

Not really. But kind of. 

A chef knife fell off the counter and my foot broke it's fall. Specifically my middle toe. The knife landed point down, lacerating my toe, bounced off the bone and out. So now I have a very tiny hairline fracture and a hole in my toe. So pedicures, running, and jumping are off the list for the next couple weeks. Forced slow down, I suppose!