Weekly Workouts: 18 Weeks Pregnant

Well this was an eventful week. I returned from Austin, lacerated the crap out of my pinky toe and then got hit with a REALLY fun gallbladder attack on Monday. I had so much fun with that first attack  I thought I'd give it another go on Thursday! 

 So yeah. I think the universe agrees with my plan to slow the F down. Just a gentle reminder that during pregnancy your body is working in overdrive to grow a tiny human and keep you afloat. Be kind to yourself. 


Out for the count!  


Still recovering. Snuck in some functional progressions with a toddler and dogs crawling all over me mid position. This happen to anyone else when you lay on the ground? It's like I'm a magnet for all the creatures.


Functional Progressions 1-3x20
Functional 4 (high bear, squat, stand) x 10


Alternating EMOM 15
15 Squat to Medball
15 Medball Cleans
15 Medball Press


Functional Progressions 1-3 X 30
Functional Progression 4 x10


3 Rounds
20 Dumbbell Windmills
20 Calorie Row
Rest 1 Minute 


Rest day after another attack. DID I MENTION HOW FUN THESE ARE?!


Family neighborhood stroll! Nothing intense. Just enjoying being outside together. 


Yard work day. Never have I been so thankful for CrossFit as when I have to move wheelbarrows of bark.