Weekly Workouts: 20 Weeks Pregnant

Sometimes I don't get to move or do an official workout as often I'd like. I'd be lying if I said I was totally fine with it and operating with a totally zen mindset. But I am working on it. I listened to a really wonderful podcast from the Modern Mamas and it was a great reminder that fitness does not mean spending an hour in the gym every day. It can be as simple as taking time to move like a human-- walking, running, jumping, squatting, etc. Just try to parent a toddler and stay still... I'm focusing on keeping that mindset, and while I love love love getting in a fun and sweaty workout, sometimes all my body needs is to chase my daughter around the house, pull weeds in the garden, or walk to the coffee shop. 




4 Rounds

25 Squats to Medball
20 Medball over the shoulders (alternate sides)



Functional progression flow



3 Rounds

20 1-arm hang squat cleans
20 Elevated Pushups ( I used the stairs and then the fence)
20 1-arm thrusters
20 1-arm bent over rows
20 Lateral Goblet Step-Ups



I call this MOVE LIKE A HUMAN DAY! Edith and I spent the morning adventuring around the zoo.


BIRTHFIT Functional Progression Flow and garden work. 


Road tripping to ROSEBURG. We did play some epic games of corn hole down by the river. Spent the whole day outside, it was glorious. 


Road tripping on back! 

So like I said in that intro, this week was a lot of move like a human week!