Weekly Workouts: 21 Weeks Pregnant


BIRTHFIT Functional Progression Flow




Functional progression flow warm up

4 Rounds
10 Wallballs
25' Bear Crawl

Rest 2 minutes

4 Rounds
10 Lateral Goblet Step-ups
8 Ring Rows




Sauvie Island Flat!
10K Walk

A solid crew from Portland Outdoor Fitness decided back in January it'd be a great ideal to run another half-marathon. So we all signed up and 90% of us forgot to train. I didn't really forget to train, but once I found out I was pregnant, I had my suspicions that my running days would be short-lived. My pregnant body doesn't take well to running-- I get extreme tenderness and pain in my round ligaments when I run. So 13.1 miles of that was out of the question. Can I get a high-five for shutting up my inner extreme competitor?

Instead of running the half, several of us walked the 10K. Sauvie Island is BEAUTIFUL and the weather was perfect. 



3 Rounds
10 Single Deadlift
10 Bent Over Row

3 Rounds
10 1-arm 1/2 kneeling press
10 FNP #1

Friday- Sunday

Plenty of outside playtime with family! No legitimate workouts and that is a-okay.