Weekly Workouts: 30 & 31 Weeks Pregnant

Did I mention my due date has shifted again? Super awesome. 🙃🙄

Really, I know it’s more of a due month, but I also really like data and following weeks in my various pregnancy apps and seeing what fruit/vegetable/small animal this babe is the size of at this point.

But my amazing midwife team has settled on Nov. 7 2018 as my 40 week mark. If Bob arrives then, fantastic! If they hang out a little longer, that’s cool too.

I am all of the sudden feeling the drain of the 3rd trimester. Longing for 7pm bedtimes has become the norm the last two weeks. I’ve officially declared: if its not on my calendar, it’s not happening before the baby arrives.

Workouts are slowing down and shifting towards more intentional movement for longer periods. As you can see, I’m really loving EMOMs right now. They seem to be the perfect way for me to sustain a 20+ minute workout and pace myself well enough with rest and intentional breathing.

I’m working through the BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions daily now— sometimes as a break between coaching classes or just as a warm-up for a workout. I can feel the difference with this daily intentional breath and core practice— my pelvic floor isn’t as easily fatigued and I have less low back and sciatic nerve pain.

Here are some workout highlights from the past two weeks.


Workout #1

Half-kneeling Landmine Press


5 Rounds

10 Box Pistols
10 Kettlebell Swings
Max Elevated Pushups

Workout #2


10 Shinbox to Tripod
16 1/2 Kneeling Press
10 Deadlift
16 Front Squats

Workout #3

Front Squat

*Even though I’m working at 3 rep sets, I kept my front squats pretty light. My focus is on control, maintaining breath and tension in the bottom of the squat, and maintaining midline stability without overexerting my core.

4 Rounds

1KM Assault Bike
10 Low-Bar Pull-ups
20 Kettlebell Tactical Lunges*

*These are the best booty workout ever. ❤️❤️❤️

Workout #4

Turkish Get-Up

3 Rounds
10 Pallof Press
25’ Bear Crawl

Row 2KM

Workout #5

20 1-Arm KB Swings
20 1-Arm Tall Kneeling Press
15 Glute Bridge
14 1/2 Kneeling KB Woodchopper