Weekly Workouts: 34 & 35 Weeks Pregnant

Weekly Workouts: 34 & 35 Weeks Pregnant

It’s the final countdown! Kind of. I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. I also feel like I’ve been pregnant for a million years.

This baby is taking up any and all extra room and clearly using my bladder as a pillow and gallbladder as a kick-boxing bag. It’s cute. In that not cute way.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t vying for the days of pre-pregnancy workouts that leave you feeling sore and accomplished. But on the days (and yes it happens), I let myself push too hard, it floors me for the rest of the day and sometimes even into next day. Not even with a satisfying muscle soreness, but just fatigue and nausea. BOO to that. This happened to me during a team workout last week. I wanted to keep up with my teammates and pushed just slightly harder than my pregnant self really could handle at the moment. It’s hard when you feel like people are waiting on you! But they would have been gracious; more gracious than I was with myself.

So here I am reminding myself, just like I remind my clients, about what my training is for these days:

  • Maintaining my core and glute strength to carry this baby with limited discomfort.

  • Increasing hip mobility to help baby get into a good position and hopefully set myself up for an easier birth

  • Setting myself up for a simpler postpartum recovery.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety through an outlet I enjoy.

Favorite Workouts: 34 & 35 Weeks Pregnant

Workout #1


  • Elevated Push-ups

  • Russian Kettlebell Swings

  • Ring Rows

Workout #2

3 x5 Sandbag Squat

3 Rounds

  • 20 Dumbbell Snatches

  • 10 FNP # 1

3 Rounds

  • 15 Elevated Pushups

  • 7 Ring Rows

3 Rounds

  • Assault Bike, 1 Minute

  • 10 Dumbbell Push Press

Workout #3

6 Rounds

  • 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings

  • Assault Bike, 30 seconds

  • Rest 1 Minute

Workout #4

Team AMRAP 18 Minutes

  • 50 Sandbag Toe Taps / Sandbag hug/ rest

  • Sled Pull / OH Carry/ Rest

  • Wide Grip Low Bar Pull-Ups / FNP #1/ Rest

  • Elevated Push-ups / Farmers Hold

  • Bike .5KM

Daily Movements

Working through Komodo dragon stretch as part of my shoulder mobility.

Working through Komodo dragon stretch as part of my shoulder mobility.

  • Functional Progressions

  • Shoulder and hip mobility

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

  • Deep squat holds

  • Cat-cow

I incorporate my daily movements as part of my bed time routine, spending 15-25 minutes moving slowly and mindfully through this list of movements.