Weekly Workouts: 36 & 37 Weeks Pregnant

Weekly Workouts: 36 & 37 Weeks Pregnant

So much walking and slow movement these last couple weeks. I think Edith can sense a shift in the force and has become more attached (and less inclined to nap). So we’ve been pounding the pavements for long walks. These end of pregnancy walks are more taxing than I anticipated— I headed out on a long five mile loop one afternoon and very much wish I could have ended that walk about a 1.5 miles sooner. Baby is growing, putting additional strain on my pelvic floor, and as my body is really preparing for labor, I’m dealing with some pubic symphysis pain, aggravated apparently by long walks. Everyday is a learning opportunity, right? Right.

A trip to my amazing chiropractor and some conscious breath work has me feeling in much better shape.

Favorite Workouts: 36 & 37 Weeks Pregnant

Workout #1


  • Kettlebell Swings

  • Squats

Workout #2

  • 3KM Air Bike

  • 20 Ring Rows

  • 30 Sandbag Squats

  • 40 1-arm Kettlebell Swings

  • 3KM Air Bike

Workout #3

5 Mile Stroller Pushing Walk with Edith

Workout #4


  • 5 Push Press

  • 5 Seated Banded Pull Down

Alternating Tabata

  • Sandbag Squat

  • Sandbag Floor Press

Alternating Double Tabata

  • Air Bike for Calories

  • Bird Dogs

Daily Movements

Diaphragmatic breath work and mindful movement, all day every day

Diaphragmatic breath work and mindful movement, all day every day

  • Functional Progressions

  • Shoulder and hip mobility

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

  • Deep squat holds

  • Cat-cow

I incorporate my daily movements as part of my bed time routine, spending 15-25 minutes moving slowly and mindfully through this list of movements.