Prenatal Nutrition Support

Individualized nutrition and lifestyle support for those trying to conceive or currently pregnant to build a strong foundation for health through the motherhood transition. 


  • Unlimited Virtual Support
    • Questions or concerns or just want to check-in? I'm available via email or on voxer to check-in between meetings and make sure you're feeling confident as you navigate health changes.
  • Full Health and Nutrition Assessments
    • This is an in-depth questionnaire that paints a more holistic picture of your overall health. It makes sure your recommendations are not just generic “eat more kale” but actually meet the nutritional needs for your unique body. This questionnaire analyzes your symptom-burden in digestion, blood sugar regulation, adrenal and hormone health, specific nutrient need, and more. 
  • One on One Meetings and Specific Recommendations
    • Each meeting, we'll check-in to see how you're feeling, what's happening with your health and pregnancy, and where you need more support nutritionally or emotionally. After each check-in, you'll receive a list of specific food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to support your pregnancy.
    • Meetings are offered online, via zoom OR in person walking meetings (Portland, OR area only) 
  • Food Journal Review
    • Learn more about your daily diet, how your food, digestion and overall health are linked, and get feedback on whats serving you well and where changes may be considered. 
  • 40% Discount on all BIRTHFIT NE PORTLAND Classes 
    • BIRTHFIT NE Portland offers prenatal and postpartum fitness classes, birth education classes and more. 

3 Months

  • 4 Meetings
  • 2 Health Assessments
  • Monthly Food Journal Review
  • 3 Months Unlimited Support
  • Monthly Payment Plan Available



6 Months

  • 7 Meetings
  • 2 Health Assessments
  • Monthly Food Journal Review 
  • 6 Months Unlimited Support
  • Monthly Payment Plan Available



12 Months

  • 14 Meetings
  • 4 Health Assessments
  • Bi-Weekly Food Journal Review
  • 12 months of Unlimited Support
  • Monthly Payment Plan Available