Workouts, recipes, and lifestyle tips for powerful pregnant women, just like you! 


Your FREE week of PRENATAL POWER includes: 


Four Workouts + Video Tutorials

Pregnancy doesn't have to mean a halt to your exercise and training plan. It's just an opportunity to be more mindful about movement and optimize your routine to train for BIRTH! The workouts in this plan are written with the pregnant mama in mind and can be modified for any point in pregnancy. You need minimal equipment for this plan including: a yoga mat, a set of dumbbells or kettlebell, and an exercise band. Video tutorials are also provided to ensure you understand and can safely perform all the movements. 

Exclusive Recipes

Struggling to eat protein? Hate veggies? Only want ice cream? Pregnancy cravings and aversions are tough! Coupled with exhaustion, it's a wonder we aren't all reduced to eating gelato sprinkled with hot cheetos. This program features delicious recipes requiring minimal prep and packed with all the nutrients you need to grow that sweet babe and support your body and mind. 


Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise Tips

If you've referred to Dr. Google, you've probably gotten conflicting messages about what you should and shouldn't eat or how you should and shouldn't move and MORE. Let's quiet the noise!  In addition to the four free workouts and recipes you'll learn:

  • Which foods support a healthy pregnancy and which foods are better left off the table.
  • Simple lifestyle tips to improve your enjoyment and digestion of these foods.
  • How to stay active by choosing movements that prepare your body for birth, know when it's time to slow the pace, and how to optimize your routine.