From Bone Broth to Beet Kvass: Drinks to heal your gut and soothe your soul

  • Kenton Wellness Cooperative 8315 North Denver Avenue Portland, OR, 97217 United States

Wondering what the deal is with these trendy, hipster-sounding beverages like bone broth, beet kvass, or golden milk? 
Do they really live up to all the hype? 

Join me at Kenton Wellness Cooperative April 2 to learn all about the gut-healing benefits of these tasty beverages, and how to easily make your own bone broth, beet kvass, and golden milk at home! You'll have the opportunity to sip samples and will leave with recipes to make your own gut-healing beverages! 

Space is limited, sign-up via the ticket link! 

Cost: $10  
Location: Kenton Wellness Coop
TIme: 12-1pm

Bone Broth to Beet Kvass Workshop
10.00 15.00
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