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Treat Yo' Self to Safer Skincare

Hop on over to the Sprout Wellness Facebook page for my "Treat Yo' Self to Safer Skincare" Event.  My priority with this event is education. My hope is for you to learn a little bit more about safer skincare during the weeks leading up to our event and leave empowered to make the choices that serves you or your family best (be it beautycounter or another brand). And I may also talk you into a little well-deserved pampering #treatyoself!

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. We believe that products can be beautiful, effective, AND safe.

The products we create and sell meet incredibly rigorous standards. 
🔸First, they have to perform. Melting mascara and flaky lipstick aren't going to fly here. 
🔸Next, they have to pass our ingredient screening process. Beautycounter bans the use of more than 1500 questionable or harmful chemicals. 
🔸Finally, they must meet your personal standards and be as good or better than the brands you already love. That’s why, to date, we’ve already sold more than 2 million products. 

We believe no other company in the industry is delivering on both performance AND safety to the extent that we are.

This "event" will take place online via Facebook live at 1pm on Saturday May 13th. You can tune in live from the comfort of your own home for fun giveaway. 

I recently wrote a fairly lengthy post about how I connected with Beautycounter and I encourage you to read it here: 

Here is the reader's digest version:
My path to Beautycounter started when I was pregnant with my sweet daughter Edith. As a nutritionist and fitness professional, I took great care in how I moved and fueled my body, but never really took stock in what I put ON my body. During my pregnancy, as I researched baby skincare products, I became more aware of how my environment was impacting my (and my daughter's) health. It became increasingly clear that potential hazards not only existed in baby skincare products, but that my own make-up, moisturizer and skincare may have looked and smelled nice, but also weren't super safe for either of us. I knew there had to be better options, so I dumped out my makeup bag, traded in palettes and bottles for more natural alternatives, and sported some truly terrible looks in the name of health. Eventually (and thank goodness) a friend introduced me to Beautycounter, and I never looked back! The products actually rated higher in safety than the other "natural" brands I'd tried AND were of the same or better quality than the original products I'd purchase at Sephora. Finally, I could "put my face on," feel like myself, and not stress if my lipstick or moisturizer got on the baby or worry about the impact it was having on my own health. 

If you are interested in finding out more about what products Beautycounter offers you can view the full line here --->

As we come together to shop and celebrate better beauty this month, each person who purchases on or before May 13 will be entered in to win a FREE Charcoal Cleansing Bar (one of our best-selling products).

BONUS! To celebrate Mother's Day, invite any moms or mom-to-be who you think might love Beautycounter and need a little extra pampering (what mom doesn't?) into our event and you BOTH will be entered to win a Beautycounter + Spa Set of your choosing! You will receive one entry for each person you invite!

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